For my house shall be called a house prayer for ALL Peoples  -Isa 56:7b


1) Catch fire or cause to catch fire 

2) To set in motion Arouse or inflame Spark. 

ACTS 2: 1-4

1When the day of Pentecost came, they were all  together in one place. 2Suddenly a sound like the  blowing of a violent wind  came from heaven and filled  the whole house where they were sitting. 3They saw   what seemed to be tongues of fire that  separated and  came to rest on each of  them. 4All of them were filled  with the  Holy Spirit and began to speak in other  tongues as the Spirit enabled them. 

Prayer Commission:

Let's go forward in Passionate Prayer, continue to seek more, IGNITE our intercessions, our prayers and our cries with spiritual yearning for the Apostolic Outpouring evident in the book of ACTS and the signs that follow those with the power of Holy Ghost led prayer! 


Igniting the Prayer Life of ALL people




God has called US to walk in Spirit and Truth through the Authority of The Holy Ghost; set apart, a light on the hill, to be Set Ablaze; to burn with prayer, with passion and the message of HOPE for ALL!

August 2023 Prayer Directives 

2023 Archived Prayer Directives